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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Healthy Eating

With the dawn of the new year, indeed the new decade, I am given to some self reflection and a sincere desire to better my lot in life. You know, live better, work harder, to be a more industrious, inquisitive and nicer person. I'm reminded of a passage in Mark Twain's 1872 autobiographical novel, Roughing It.

Twain and his two compatriots find themselves stranded. Lost in the Nevada desert at night, under blizzard conditions. They believe their situation to be hopeless and convince themselves they will not survive the night. All three commit to oaths of contrition and voice lament about their lack of future opportunities to do good for mankind. "Brothers, let us die together. And let us go without one hard feeling towards each other. Let us forget and forgive bygones.". They each discard  personal symbols of vice and moral failure, a bottle of whiskey, a deck of cards, and Twain's own tobacco pipe.
When dawn breaks it is discovered that they are mere feet from a cabin and civilization whereupon they independently recover their pipe, bottle and deck of cards.

Well, I vow gentle readers to do a better job with this blog! I'm also bound and determined to lose a bunch of weight and restore my physical conditioning to its former "steel spring" status. I've made a concerted effort to shift culinary gears towards eating mostly vegetables and limiting fats, sugars, carbohydrates and refined foods in general. I'm pulling out some new stops in the kitchen with the addition of a pressure cooker and an immersion circulator for conducting sous vide magic. Hopefully this year's offerings will be somewhat entertaining and informative. Hang on kids!!

I think Kiwi likes the old way better. "Uhm, where's the bacon?"